I can't tell you how many times the conversation has come up over the years. July 4th comes around and someone invariably spouts off, hey did you know that the punk you use to light fireworks are made out of camel poop?

Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

Since we're coming up on the biggest weekend of summer I thought I'd check. When in doubt, surf the internet right? According to Wikipedia,

The word "punk" is used for various kinds of tinder / fire-carrying materials, including dry, rotted wood, the fibers of Fomes fomentarius, cattails (which can can be lit and burn slowly much like big thick versions of the fireworks punk described in this article, or soaked in fat or wax and used torches, or turned into a fluff that makes great tinder).

So, camel poop?  Probably not so much. I did a little more research, after all punk is a pretty cool word. At least it's a word that can be used quite a few ways.

a :  a young inexperienced person :  beginner, novice; especially :  a young man

b :  a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian
Those, I'm pretty much up to speed with. the next one, well, I was unaware but am now informed.
So, what about the camel poop. Could it be true?
Turns out old timers would use a dried up cow pie to start a fire. I don't know about you, but eating a can of beans warmed up over a fire started with bovine turd is kind of a turn off. But hey, if you need to start a fire, you do what you gotta do.
My guess punks are made out of something else. I'd love to hear from you ?  What do you think they're made out of. Happy Fourth of July!

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