Oh, in case you haven't noticed, someone punched the BRRRRR button.  Hard!  I was out for a walk with Molly the black lab this morning and she was even in a hurry to get back to the house and get inside where it was warm.  Wow, what a change.

I heard the morning radio jocks talking about the Sun Dogs that were out this morning.  So I ventured out on the deck and clicked a pic with the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Sprint in Sioux Falls.  Wow...Caught it.  Look at the rainbow like brilliance to the right and left of the sun!  Awesome!

Winters in South Dakota will have you begging for mercy before they're done. This year, we're not quite down on our knees but we are about ready to bend and starting thinking warm thoughts.

I couldn't help but noticing as chilly as it is here in Sioux Falls as of Tuesday morning, at least we don't live in the Siberia of the state.  That prestigious ranking would belong to the folks up around Summit and in Roberts County.  That's a different world!

Sure, they have a lot more snow to the north of Sioux Falls, but when you put that snow together with very strong winds you get blizzard conditions in a hurry and they've been getting a lot of that lately!  Almost everyone is waking up to a wind chill advisory this morning and if that weren't enough we are expecting another round of snow later this week.  Thursday there's talk we could get around 5 and 6 inches of fresh snow.  Today we'll be windy and cold so bundle up!

Grab the heavy jacket.  Grab the gloves and the hat too.  It's gonna be a cold and windy one again today!  Hey, spring is only about 6 weeks away!