The city of Ames, Iowa has done a video to help promote their city as a great place to live, work and play. While I commend the sentiment and taking pride in your city, the video was pretty cheesy and we all know that Sioux Falls is the best place to live (don't statistics and surveys keep showing that?) So where's OUR video??

Sioux Falls needs a video highlighting the economic development of the city, Falls Park, the colleges, the growing entertainment scene and more.

And I know we've got a lot of very talented folks who call the area home (witness the White Wall Sessions Sunday nights at 7 that features so many of these talented musicians!)

In fact, there are SO many talented people, we could either have a whole series of Sioux Falls songs, or maybe a "We Are The World" type collaboration with El Dub, Burlap Wolf King, Jim Groth, Union Grove Pickers, The Rock Garden Tour band, Soulcrate, Snakebeard Jackson, Condor, The Copoetics, The Tinder Box, Guilty Pleasures Orchestra, Wakefield, Jukebox Zeroes and we need to revive Janitor Bob for this project as well.

We can bring in artists who play here often who live in the Black Hills, Mitchell, and Sioux City like Hank Harris, Jami Lynn, Dylan James, Billy Lurken and Mat d. and the Profane Saints.

Let's do this! Which of these talented songwriters will take the lead and start writing an ode to Sioux Falls? We Are the World. We are Sioux Falls!

Let's hear your ideas too! Have you written a song for our city? What do you think should be included and what area musicians should be a part of the project?