Steven Tyler maintains that the main ingredient to any great band is timeless songs. Over 40 years after writing his first tune for Aerosmith with Joe Perry, the pair was saluted on Thursday night (June 13th) when they were inducted into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York City. Steven Tyler was asked if there was a tried a trusted way to know when you've written a hit song: "Uh, when you're. . . at night when you're going to bathroom and you can't get it out of your mind. All night when go up to get into the bathroom, you're singin' the chorus. You go: 'Okay, we've got a winner here!' Remember, they all start with thumbnail sketches, a little nothing -- (sings) 'Janie Got A Gun.' Why the hell does Janie have a gun? Why would she a have a gun? Who's Janie?! And on and on and on. So, it's a crazy, beautiful. . . I love the process."

Tyler talked about the first time he and Joe Perry wrote a song together: "It was a song called 'Movin' Out' it was on a waterbed at 1325 Commonwealth Ave. It was a magic moment. I mean, all I'd ever asked for. . . I don't know, I was a kid, all I kept saying was, 'I just wanna get my foot in the door.' And once I got my foot in the door, I knew it would be all over -- at least, I had hopes. And we made it happen. We wrote a song called 'Movin' Out' and the rest is history."

"Movin' Out" is featured on Aerosmith's 1973 self-titled debut album.