Aerosmith start their second tour of Japan in three years when they hit Tokyo tonight (Thursday). They also have one date in Nagoya and two in Osaka.

The tour comes on the heels of last month's release of Rock for the Rising Sun, a DVD filmed there on their 2011 tour, following the earthquake that devastated parts of the country. Bassist Tom Hamilton says, "It was a very moving tour for us, going over to Japan, fairly soon after they had those horrible disasters with the tsunami... Before we went over there, there was some trepidation because a reactor was leaking radiation, and every day there was a report on the radiation and how strong it was and the certain amount of miles out. But we wanted to go and we had a great time and we felt we got a lot of really good footage and we played really well. So we thought, 'We have this, why not put it together and put it out and use it for something?'"

After Japan, Aerosmith will play their first-ever shows in China and Taiwan.