Aerosmith has posted on their website the third of eight videos that take you give a glimpse into the making of their new album, Music From Another Dimension. This one focues on Steven Tyler and Joe Perry and their songwriting for this release. Perry says this album is "close to the bone and skeleton of what Aerosmith is," and he finds himself listening to it over and over. It also features a snippet of another song, "Freedom Fighter," written and sung by Perry. Music From Another Dimension, their first studio album of all-new material in 11 years, will be out on November 6th.

Joe Perry on having to keep listening to the new Aerosmith album, Music From Another Dimension: "This record, for some reason, I keep wanting to listen back to it. There's a certain kind of like being in the room with the band feel to it, especially when I put headphones on. After being in the room with the band playing it live, and then putting the headphones on, it sounds remarkably close to that."