AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson will host a new TV series called Cars That Rock, according to Blabbermouth. The program will air in the U.K. beginning next spring, and there's no word yet on whether it will get picked up by a U.S. network or cable channel. The series follows Johnson as he pursues his passion of cars, looking into the history of automobiles and racing while meeting fans and drivers.

Johnson, a longtime auto and racing enthusiast, talked about his passion for both in his 2011 book, Rockers And Rollers: A Full Throttle Memoir.

Cars That Rock will be comprised of six 60-minute episodes in which Johnson looks at six of his favorite makes of car -- three from the U.K. and three from other parts of Europe. He'll drive some of the cars in professional races and will also drive others at high speed.
Johnson and the rest of AC/DC have reportedly been working on material for a new album, but the band has been quiet for several years and has not officially released any news.