The threat of explosions has Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services in Sioux Falls concerned about the home production of hash oil - from marijuana!  Looking for a more potent high, Darcy says some users of marijuana are putting their lives in danger!

"We have individuals taking the marijuana and  cooking it down with chemicals like rubbing alcohol and butane in order to create a kind of hash oil."

And that could result in deadly explosions!

'"When you put this material in a gas oven or stove---you can easily ignite a fire.  We have heard of  people  putting them in microwaves which can create a fire.  The other issue is when they cook that down---the marijuana becomes a hash oil and the potency level is higher.  It now becomes a federal charge---a felony instead of a misdemeanor.  Both kids and adults are finding ways to use marijuana in a different way and not realizing there are many dangers."

The bottom line, according to Darcy Jensen, is this:  "Last year, a hash oil explosion in Canada killed one man and sent another to the hospital with serious injuries. Aside from the dangers of hash oil, it is also highly addictive!"

For more information on the dangers of marijuana and hash oil, Darcy Jensen encourages you to check out the website of Prairie View Prevention Services: