When my family says it's time to go to the mall, I'm usually the one that isn't too excited.  But that is about to change because of one particular store that has just opened in The Empire Mall.

Although I'm a female, I'm not much of a shopper.  But I will admit that one of my favorite places to shop is the boutique Ragstock.  If you aren't familiar with Ragstock, it's a store with a collection of not only vintage clothing from local shoppers, contemporary basics and the not-so-easy to find items that are often labeled as "unique".  Ragstock also has novelty gifts-many made from recycled materials, sandals, cowboy boots, purses and accessories.

Ragstock is located in the Sears wing of The Empire Mall and is currently hiring.  (Wait!  Am I seeing a new part-time job in my future?  Maybe.......just maybe.......)