I know....everyone has a sense of pride when it comes to talking about their hometown.  But how about thinking a little bigger than that.  What makes you proud of the STATE you live in?

There are many things that the great state of South Dakota can hang its hat on.  The obvious is in the western portion of our state with Mount Rushmore and the Badlands.  Wall Drug is even something that South Dakotans can be proud of.  Or how about the Corn Palace in Mitchell?  Don't forget about Falls Park in Sioux Falls!

Wanda/Huron Chamber of Commerce

Again, these are all OBVIOUS reasons to be proud of South Dakota.  But there is one thing that our state has that, if I had to bet on it, no other state in America has.  That is a 22 ton, 28 foot tall pheasant!  Perched in Huron, South Dakota, this pheasant proudly displays a sign reminding visitors that Huron is home of the World's Largest Pheasant.  And that's the one UNEXPECTED awesome reason to be proud of our state!

Other states also boast of their unexpected awesome reasons to be proud.  For example, Ohio is home to Play-doh and cotton candy was invented by a dentist from Tennessee.  Nebraska may be home to the Cornhuskers, but Nebraska also gave us our first taste of Kool-aid and Iowa gave us something better than couch cushions or a bed to jump on....the trampoline.