Just in time for Halloween we have 5 Very Scary Short Films that will not only put you on the edge of your seat, they will shove you off, out the door, and down the street.

Do yourself a favor and find some time when you can slip your headphones on and watch all 5 of these short films back-to-back.  "WHICH FILM DO YOU THINK IS THE BEST OF THE BUNCH?" 


  • 1

    The Cat With Hands

    "The Cat with Hands" combines old world story telling and new world horrors.  Did the creepy ending surprised you?

  • 2

    VESSEL - Short Horror Film

    If you think you have seen every scary alien attacks a jet liner flick that you can tolerate, you are wrong.  This intense short will make your skin crawl.

  • 3

    "Don't Move" - Short Horror Film


    A bunch of attractive British people get together in an apartment and try their luck at summoning forth a demon via ouija board. As you might imagine, this does not go well.

  • 4


    This little girl tries to get out of the house after a lone gunman shoots her whole family.  It is pure suspense from start to finish.  No, you don't know how it's going to end.

  • 5

    "Suckablood" - Short Horror Film

    This is a dark, gothic, bedtime tale like no other.  It is indeed fantastically fearsome.