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    Tea Citizens Want Recount

    The 3rd time was not the charm for Tea folks who wanted new classrooms and a performing arts center.  Tuesday night, for the 3rd time, a passage for school expansion was voted down.  This time by just 2 votes.  A 60 percent majority was needed for the proposed $9.9 million project.  Now some citizens want a recount.

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    Sioux Falls Stabbing

    Sioux Falls Police are saying passerbys found blood inside and outside of an apartment.  They then discovered a man with cuts to his head, back and arm.  The victim, however, was not being cooperative and police have no suspects.

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    Sioux Falls Car Theft

    Sioux Falls Police report that pursued and recovered a car that was stolen nearly two months ago.  The driver was identified as a transient,

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    Thursday Weather From The NWS

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    Worst & Best Paying Jobs

    The 10 best paying jobs, averaging at least $175,000-a-year.



    -oral surgeon




    -general practitioner



    The 10 worst paying jobs, All paying less than $10-an-hour. 

    -fast food cook

    -general fast food worker



    -food service cashier

    -restaurant hostess


    -farm worker

    -amusement park worker

    -movie usher