Thanksgiving is a time to spend with loved ones and give thanks that you've only got to spend three or fours hours in their company.

Don't misunderstand us, we love our kin and the time we get to spend but it just seems like the holidays bump internal insanity meter inside our parents and siblings up a couple hundred notches. Luckily, there is music to bring us all together. Kidding. Music helps drown them all out until it's time to say goodbye.

Here are some song suggestions from friends, coworkers and other people that hate their families.

(Note: Put on your headphones, some of these lyrics are NSFW, let alone the family dinner table.)

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    Straight Outta Compton


    AK-47 is the tool Uncle Larry, so don't make me act the (beeeeeeep) fool, ok? I definitely went through a pretty long angry rap phase, and can vividly remember slamming my bedroom door and blasting N.W.A. (until I was told to turn it down, or I was grounded). Now that I don't live at home, Ice Cube's lyrics make visiting take on a whole new meaning: "When I'm in your neighborhood you better duck, because Ice Cube is crazy as..." Well, you remember. [Jackie /]

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    Kill the Poor

    The Dead Kennedys

    Look at 'em, your family members, so smug and self-satisfied. They're Romney-loving supply-siders from way back, but yesterday, they dropped a few cans at the local food bank, so all of a sudden, they fancy themselves humanitarians. Rather than suffer their blabbering, sneak off to the stereo and blast this San Fran punk classic, a satirical nuke-the-scum fantasy Aunt Edna might actually support. [Ken / Diffuser.FM]

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    My War

    Black Flag

    The title is a perfect metaphor for any time spent with the family. Also, if you put your headphones in and bob your head along with the beat, it looks like you're aggressively agreeing with people. Plus, it's fun to point at your parents when Henry Rollins screams "you're one of them!" [Maggie / Low Times Podcast]

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    Crank the guitar power grooves and Phil Anselmo's drill sergeant bark and you won't hear a word your creepy uncle says or your grandma's dentures on a turkey leg since your ears will be ringing from loud and ferocious riffs. Added bonus: It might annoy them. [Amy /]

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    Theme From Benny Hill

    The Benny Hill Show

    To say my dad has perfected the art of being a nuisance is an understatement. He has pioneered a move that he calls “zing.” Picture yourself going about your business when my dad jams a finger in your armpit and yells “ZING!” It’s surprising and it sucks. Every. Damn. Time. Usually his “zings” end in a ball tap. Watching him run around the house to this theme makes it all more tolerable. That, and the fact, I'm a woman and am impervious to ball taps. [Kat Lee / Well That's Awesome]