The picture above is a pork shoulder some friends of mine did this summer. I'll be honest, I'd never even tried pork shoulder before that night, but you put just about anything on a grill and I'll give it a shot!

Obviously if you're one of those people that have taken it to an art form, experimenting with different flavors of wood chips on the coals, then this article isn't for you haha. This is for the weekend warrior that wants to have a great meal without having all the special tools for it.

Rule #1, never be afraid to experiment with food on the grill. And that's the only rule you really need. We've done homemade pizza on a gas grill and it turns out great! A fish filet on a wood plank? Fantastic! Shrimp, lobster tail, pineapple, watermelon (yes watermelon) to pretty much any of your favorite meats. Try them on the grill. Hell, I've gotten to the point where I don't really like hot dogs. You can put a 99-cent pack of dogs on the grill though, and I'll take seconds.

Rule #2. it doesn't really matter what kind of grill you have. Again, the 'pros' will argue for charcoal, flavored wood, indirect heat, etc. I get it. But living in an apartment, I can't have a charcoal grill. Besides that, I don't have the time (or the patience) to keep chimneys of fresh coals warming up in the bullpen for the big jobs (like the whole pig we've done each of the past two Labor Day weekends) or to babysit a pork loin. I've got a gas grill and even that adds the extra flavor I crave. I do meats. potatoes, fruits, pizzas and all the rest on my gas grill and everyone who has tried it can vouch for it. You can do a really good grilled meal on a gas grill.

Rule #3. You can grill year round. I know you think we need a winter like we had (or didn't have) last year to grill November-March, Put on a coat and some boots and shovel your way to the grill if you have to. Your family will thank you and your taste buds will too. Important to remember since it's mid-October as I write this!

So the next time you're planning dinner, don't think "damn, hamburgers AGAIN?!?!", Think "time to fire up the grill for some hamburgers!" (our secret family recipe for burgers by the way is minced onion, seasoning salt, ground pepper, Heinz 57, and a splash of worcestershire sauce.)

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to fire up the grill!